About Us

       Today, self-service is rapidly emerging as one of the important routine not only in the corporate world but also in each individual life. Interactive self-service kiosks are being used as Point of Presence (POP) and Interactive Marketing platform that basically acts as Virtual Sales & Services Agents (VSSA) for bill payments, loyalty programmes, discounted system, self-ticketing, on-line advertising & promotion, and uncountable other applications.

       This POP VSSA can be strategically located, working as an extension of loyal and dedicated sales & service agents operating 24/7, on-line real time. 24/7 branding via continual advertisement and promotion can contribute vastly in creating higher sales, lower costs, and faster cycle times for companies and enhanced customer satisfaction.

       Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd was founded in April 2003, when we realized the need of streamlining business processes, and improving customer services and creating user experience via self-service interactive systems and solutions.

       Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd provides conceptual, architectural designs and engineering of kiosks. On top of that, Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd is also a computer software developer who specialize in the provision of self-service digital marketing and interactive multimedia kiosk management software, systems and solutions, thus making Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd a pioneer in developing interactive digital marketing and management software in Malaysia. The components include front end designing, content optimization, remote monitoring & management, reporting, analysis, and security.

       Providing a range of distinctive Web-based application solutions to clients and partners, Aldan Technology Sdn Bhd aims to deliver innovative and interactive solutions that will helps to revolutionize and streamlining the way companies perform thier business process in Digital Age in order to stay competitive as the market leader in respective industry.

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