⇢ Kiosk PC support
⇢ Kiosk Hardware Component support
⇢ Kiosk Enclosure and Fabrication support
⇢ Kiosk Application support
⇢ Kiosk Operating System support
⇢ Kiosk Security and Patch Management
⇢ Out of Hours IT support

Optional Fix Times
  ⇢ 4 Hour Call-to-Fix
  ⇢ 8 Hour Call-to-Fix

​​ Other options available on request- Hours of Cover Options
  ⇢ 9:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
​  ⇢ Other options available on request

Back to Full Working Order

Aldan Technology offers a cost effective hardware support service that goes beyond a simple third party break fix kiosk
maintenance contract and restores Kiosks to full operational status.
We offer a full system restoration service for Kiosks so work can resume as soon as the engineer leaves.